Vodafone-Idea (Vi)

If you are an Vodafone-Idea (Vi) subscriber, then accessing the details about your current plan, data, other offer, your number and much more can be done easily with the USSD codes of Vi. With the help of these USSD Codes you easily get the information that you want without any waiting queue or hassle.

Vodafone-Idea (Vi) USSD codes are very useful and are known by almost everyone aleast the common ones are known by every Vi subscriber. Using these USSD Codes you easily active, deactive, or known about any plan or service that the Vi company provide and using these USSD Codes are very simple and easy even a kid can do this.

All Vodafone-Idea (Vi) USSD Codes :

Vodafone Main Menu Check Code*199#
Vodafone Balance & Validity Check Code*141#
Vodafone Best Recharge Offer Check Code*121# | *199*1#
Vodafone SIM Mobile Number Check Code*199#
Vodafone All Balance & Validity Check Code*199*2*1#
Vodafone 4G Data Balance Details Check Code*199*2*2#
Vodafone Last 3 Calls & SMS Details Check Code*199*2*3#
Vodafone Last 3 VAS Deduction Details Check Code*199*2*4#
Vodafone Last 3 Recharge Details Check Code*199*2*5#
USSD Code to Activate Vodafone VAS Service *199*3*1#
USSD Code to DeActivate Vodafone VAS Service *199*3*2#
USSD Code to Activate or Change Caller Tune Song*199*3*3#
Update Email Address For your Vodafone Account*199*3*4#
Vodafone Balance Transfer CodeService Terminated
Vodafone Chhota Credit Loan Code*199*3*5#
Know Your Vodafone Number PUK Code*199*3*6#
Vodafone Unlimited Recharge Pack Check Code*199*5*2#
Vodafone Combo Recharge Pack Check Code*199*5*3#
Vodafone Data Recharge Pack Check Code*199*5*4#
Vodafone International Roaming Recharge Pack Check Code*199*5*5#
Vodafone SMS Recharge Pack Check Code*199*5*6#
Vodafone Caller Tune Service*567# OR Call on 56789
Vodafone GPRS Internet SettingSend an SMS “ALL” to 144
Port Vodafone mobile numberSMS PORT <Mobile number> to 1900
Vodafone Net Balance Check With SMSSend SMS as “DATA BAL” to 144
Vodafone Unlimited Calling PlansCheck Plan
Vodafone Talktime Recharge PacksCheck Plan
Any Vodafone Number Best Offer CheckCheck Offer
Vodafone 3G/4G Internet Data PacksCheck Plan
Vodafone Customer Care Number198 
Find Nearest Vodafone Store*199*6*1#
Activate Vodafone DND ServiceSend SMS “START” to 1909
Deactivate Vodafone DND ServiceSend SMS “STOP” to 1909
Vodafone Customer Care NumberDial 111
Vodafone Balance Transfer USSD Code*131*<Transfer Amount>*<Mobile No>#
Activate Vodafone Missed Call  Alert Service*567#
All Vodafone-Idea(Vi) USSD Codes

If you want you can also use the Vodafone-Idea(Vi) mobile app which available for both android devices on playstore and iOS devices on Appstore. The Vodafone-Idea(Vi) app provides all the facilities and you can use any of the available services of the company that they provide to its users. Also, all the USSD Codes function can also be done using this app. This is a all-in-one app for a Vodafone-Idea(Vi) user.