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Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing With Example Cloud Computing or Cloud is just another word for online. So storing your data on the cloud is just another way of seeing you store your data online. As an example think of email… Continue Reading →

What is Ransomware

What is Ransomware Ransomware is a form of malicious software or malware which restricts access to your computer or mobile device or encrypts data until you pay a ransom in exchange for accessing your device or data again. One typical… Continue Reading →

What is Lidar System & Lidar Scan

Lidar System & Lidar Scan LIDAR is an acronym for light detection and ranging. Lidar is a remote sensing method that uses a laser to measure elevation like ground forests and buildings. Lidar uses ultraviolet-visible or near-infrared sources to sense… Continue Reading →

What is RFID Chip

What is RFID Radio frequency identification or RFID is a technology which is working on the radio frequency of radio waves. This technology is used to automatically identifying the object or tracking the objects. Now, here this object could be… Continue Reading →

Edge Computing

What is Edge Computing? Edge computing is what it sounds like: computing that takes place at the edge of corporate networks, with “the edge” being defined as the place where end devices access the rest of the network – things… Continue Reading →

How to Convert MS-Word File to PDF

There are plenty of solutions and converters out there, but I’m going to show you a proven solution that will work. All you need is Microsoft Word in a desktop version. Microsoft Word or MS Word (often called Word) is… Continue Reading →

Why Piracy Will Never Go Away

Like a rash that just won’t respond to medication internet piracy is one of those things that will never go away completely. But for a time it seemed like the movie and music industry’s had found a pretty good way… Continue Reading →

Why Web Browsers Are Free

Many of you will be too young to remember this but popular web browsing software actually used to cost money infact it wasn’t until 1998 that Netscape Navigator became free to use for regular consumers but almost no one pays… Continue Reading →

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an electronic currency but unlike government-issued currencies there is no single entity that issues Bitcoin or is in charge of processing its transactions before Bitcoin it was not possible to make electronic payments without the help of a… Continue Reading →

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