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All Vodafone-Idea (Vi) USSD Codes List: Balance Check, Validity Check, Recharge, Data Usage and Much More 2021

If you are an Vodafone-Idea (Vi) subscriber, then accessing the details about your current plan, data, other offer, your number and much more can be done easily with the USSD codes of Vi. With the help of these USSD Codes… Continue Reading →

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

Key Specificaions RAM 6 GB Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G Architecture 64 bit Rear Camera 108 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP Front Camera 16 MP Battery 5020 mAh USB Type-C Display 6.67 inches SIM Slots SIM1:… Continue Reading →

Why Piracy Will Never Go Away

Like a rash that just won’t respond to medication internet piracy is one of those things that will never go away completely. But for a time it seemed like the movie and music industry’s had found a pretty good way… Continue Reading →

Why Web Browsers Are Free

Many of you will be too young to remember this but popular web browsing software actually used to cost money infact it wasn’t until 1998 that Netscape Navigator became free to use for regular consumers but almost no one pays… Continue Reading →

Student Management System Project (Free)

About Project: Student Management System is written in python. It is designed to keep all the track of students without any hassle. Unlike the traditional way of managing the student records it is very easy to use this software to… Continue Reading →

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an electronic currency but unlike government-issued currencies there is no single entity that issues Bitcoin or is in charge of processing its transactions before Bitcoin it was not possible to make electronic payments without the help of a… Continue Reading →

What is a Peer-to-Peer Network And Blockchain P2P Network

What is a peer to peer network A peer-to-peer network sometimes referred to as a p2p network is one of the key parts of blockchain technology and is a huge improvement in how we store our data. But let’s start… Continue Reading →

How to Access Torrent sites in 2021

What is Torrent A torrent file or meta-info file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed, and usually also a list of the network locations of trackers, which are computers that help participants… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Best Junk Cleaner for Android

Our PCs and cell phones are carefully upgraded machines. Also, a machine consistently must be kept well maintained if you plan to make them work appropriately. Presently, that includes taking great consideration and appropriately ensuring the equipment and programming, tidying… Continue Reading →

Are cookies safe? And How it tracks you

So we’ve all heard how companies like Facebook and Google can use cookies to follow us around the internet and keep track of what we’re interested in. They do this to sell targeted ads or in some cases even share… Continue Reading →

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