About Project:

Student Management System is written in python. It is designed to keep all the track of students without any hassle. Unlike the traditional way of managing the student records it is very easy to use this software to keep all the records of students in a school. The client just needs to enter his/her name then the framework adds the record and shows to the client. What’s more, the client can see every one of these understudies records from the view area. In this Simple Student Management, the client can likewise look for understudy’s name to know if the understudy’s record exists in the framework. This basic comfort based Student Management framework gives the easiest administration of understudy’s rundown. So, this activities primarily center around CRUD. There is no data set association or neither any outside content or different records utilized in this smaller than usual undertaking to save client’s information for all time.

To run the Student Management System, you need Python and Mysql installed in your PC.

This is a GUI based project, tkinter is used to design the GUI part, Python is used to functional programming and Mysql is used for Database Management System.


  1. Add New Students
  2. List all students records
  3. Search students
  4. Remove Students record
  5. Update the existing record
  6. No data duplication is allowed
  7. Switch On/Off the Software

Requirements to run the project:

  • Python
  • Tkinter module of Python
  • Mysql

How to Run :

  1. Open the SMS.py file
  2. Edit the user and password on line no.6 of the SMS.py file. Put your Mysql user and password

All done. Now run the Project

Project Download Link: https://www.file4.net/f-1rSX


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